Are you still running behind those Wi-Fi signals that hardly get found in your house specific areas? It is because your house is suffering from weak Wi-Fi signals issues. No doubt this is a common problem, but it doesn’t mean you have to bear this issue. This issue can be sought out easily with the help of Range extenders. The range extender is a device which helps in enhancing your network coverage. With range extender, you can be sure of one thing that your every, the device will get connected & online. Wi-Fi Signals get weakened by distance. More the distance they have to travel more they get distracted. Even if there is any interference between your router & devices it also results in weak signals. So, it is important where you place your extender. If it is surrounded by lots of constructional or electrical interferences than signals hardly reach your device. So, it is better to take experts’ advice before you set up your range extender. We will discuss today the Netgear extender setup via Before that, let’s take a look at working of Netgear extender.

Your range extender connects wirelessly to your access point or router & then take signals from it replicate it. Speed receiving to each device is not always the same. More the devices more speed get distributed among the devices. So, one device may get sufficient signals another one may get deprived signals. We can say extenders are a better option for those devices that can access weak signals that can access any signal.  You need to take care of few points that will help your extender to work better. We are mentioning them below for your consideration. Go through these points for better use of Netgear extender.

Points to Remember While Using Netgear Range Extender

•    Keep your extender in the range of your router & device.

•    If your signal is encoded then it will require a related password.

•    As your extender has a static IP address, so it can’t be considered as a device.

•    If your extender or router is from the same company or uses identical software then duo will work better.

If you do take care about these points then extender will surely extend your network coverage. In order to make use of your Netgear extender, you need to connect it available Wi-Fi network. Your extender manufacturer gives two options for connection extender to present Wi-Fi network. One is through the WPS Wi-Fi Protected Setup. In this setup, you can connect your extender to Wi-Fi network without any login or network name & password. Also, WPS is a visible button on Your Wi-Fi Netgear Router or Access point. Those who want a quick setup for their range extender can go for WPS setup. Otherwise, who are comfortable for Manual setup can opt for web browser setup. In web browser setup you have to log into your extender user interface via This setup process takes to the each page of extender setting. The good part of this setup is that you get to know about your extender a lot. For future, you already get prepared to make things work as per your previous knowledge.  So, for now, we will start to configure Netgear Extender via web browser setup.

Method to Setup Netgear Extender via Web Browser Setup Using

•    First of all, connect your range extender to power socket & check if Status LED is green or not?

•    Make use of a wireless network manager on your computer, to find out & connect to wireless network Netgear_ext SSID.

•    Once the connection with the Computer gets established, Next connect your extender to Available Wi-Fi network.

•    Now, on your computer or any wireless device that is connected to your extender. The web browser will take you to the direct setup screen.

•    After that, enter in your browser address bar.

•    Here you need to select Wi-Fi network that you are looking to extend.

•    Apart from that, enter security password for your available network.

•    You also require choosing a name for your fresh extender network.

•    Connect your wireless devices with your new available extender network.

In case, you are thinking to make changes to your range extender settings you can anytime use Web Browser Setup. In this, you again need to enter to & login to range extender. If you have any query regarding Netgear extender setup or how to access Give us a call on the toll-free number.  We have a dedicated professional team of experts that can guide you throughout Netgear Extender via Web Browser Setup. If you think you need a live interaction with the team approach our team for Live chat support. Apart from this, you can also comment regarding our services your Queries in the comment box. Your feedback is important so don’t forget comment in our comment box.