The range extender is becoming a tool for accessing stable Wi-Fi signals. It is because we all live in modern constructed homes & works in offices. These homes and offices have a number of electronic devices which block signals directly from your main router. It results in deprived Wi-Fi signals & room for dead zones. It is quite impossible for us to work without internet connection, even for a day. As we know how important internet is for us, we can’t ignore the necessity of range extender as well. Range extender not only increases the range of wireless network but also replicate the signals. How many of you actually invested in the range extenders? Most of the Users do, but still not able to get stable Wi-Fi signals. Do you have any idea why they get fail using Range Extender? Well, there is more than one issue which prevents range extender to work fully. One of them is not able to access setup. It is not a common website. It is a web address, which gets used to open the range extender settings.
If you also among those users who are puzzled with the same issue then this blog is for you. Run through the blog and know your extender well. Note down, the important points by which you can erase these issues and can enjoy Internet as never before. So, without wasting any time, let’s start finding the reason why you can’t access setup.
Reasons for Unable to Access Setup
• First of all. setup is not a website. Users while configuring their Range Extender fill this address into a search bar it must be entered into the address bar. setup

• Moreover, you have to ensure that computer is connected to range extender, whether wirelessly or via Ethernet cable.
• Also, ensure you use browsers such as Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.
• If these browsers give error messages, then it indicates that you are misspelled the Web address. So, correct your web address & Type Setup as it is mentioned.
If these tips don’t work then you can try our further given troubleshoot tips. We are mentioning it below, also try them
• You need to place your range extender in the exact room where you already have your wireless router. This is for a temporary time, after being set up via Setup you can again shift the extender.
• If the positioning of the extender is as per given instruction, then check whether extender is plugged well or not.
• Your router IP address can also create a problem for you. If it is not entered correctly then you will get an issue.
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